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Aminath Naeema's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography


Aminath Naeema, known to most as either Kuatha or Dhonbedhatha is a one of the few people who touches and brightens up the life of all those who meet her. Born in Male', Maldives, to Jameela Easa (Sarangu) and Dhokoko (Tha. Guraidhoo), she was a loving sister to her five siblings: Mohamed Naeem, Ahmed Naeem, Aishath Naeema, Adil Naeem and Fathmath Naeema. After the death of her step-father, who took care of her, her whole life, she was the care taker to her younger siblings. She learned to expertly sew from her step-father and continued to make a living sewing clothes. She also learned to cook as a hobby, but became well known for her food, hence, did catering for some time.


On 5th September 1979, she married Ahmed Saadiq (M. Muringu). She had 4 children: Rayya, Rana, Rafa and Raid. She was well known as a proud parent who never misses a school even and is always there for her kids.


In 2008 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. For the next five years she fought the battle, but never gave up. She was an inspiration to all those who met her. The friends she made along the way was never in passing, but became lifelong friends she kept in touch with.


In 2011 she moved to USA to be with her children. She continued with her battle with cancer, always with a smile, never a complain. Even in the months preceding her death, she was the first to laugh at a joke or dance with kids. On 22nd September 2013, she passed away, leaving us with enough happy memories to last a life time.


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